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Professional Development

Some of Ellen’s work experience:

 (specific workshop titles available on request)

  • --custom-designed approach focusing on curriculum development, teaching strategies, and guides for films

  • --weeklong or weekend Advanced Placement©  workshops in the United States and worldwide

  • --presentations at conferences in Mexico City (Tri Association), Johannesburg (Association of International Schools in Africa), Bangkok (Nearest South Asian Schools Association), Lisbon, Nice, Berlin and the Hague (European Council of International Schools), and in Tokyo, Seoul, El Salvador, and Macedonia

  • --teaching about Human Rights and Rights Advocacy

  • --private consultation work throughout the world.

Pragmatic expertise, based on years of teaching, informs Ellen Greenblatt’s approach to

Professional Development.


Whether working with Writing, Humanities and Literature teachers, with teachers of Advanced  Placement© courses, or with teachers in Art and Science, Ellen knows that one approach can never fit every situation.

As a result, Ellen works closely with her clients to understand their needs, and she tailors Professional Development to meet their particular situations.


In all her work, Ellen is committed to using writing as a vehicle for learning rather than simply as the traditional means for students to show what they have learned.

-Seasoned presenter of professional development for educators and learners around the world, presenting both at conferences and in school-based workshops

-Decades of classroom experience in both private and public schools

-Resume available on request.

   CONTACT Ellen Greenblatt

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