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Applications and Grants

Ellen will help you find your voice and tell your story

Working with Ellen means discovering the richness of your ideas, experiences, accomplishments, and talents.

You will learn how to:

--assess and understand the elements of the program or school to which you are applying, 

--understand the prompt for the essay,

--correctly gauge your audience, and

--manage your time and meet deadlines.

 “Ellen’s approach made writing my college essay much less stressful, and I ended up with something I was proud of.” (R.S.)  

 “Ellen’s help made all the difference in writing my medical school personal essays. She really understood how to help me present myself at my best.”  (J.N.)

         "Ellen has provided me with writing guidance and essay editing at several stages of my life--college applications, law and grad school statements of purpose, and a government grant application. Her advice gave me substantive insight into how I write and allowed me to present my best self. I have recommended her to countless peers and colleagues over the years. She works equally effectively in person and online."       (M.O.)              

   CONTACT Ellen Greenblatt

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