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Ellen Greenblatt’s

Background, Philosophy and Approach...

Before I start collaborating with individuals or groups, whether for Tutoring, Coaching for Application Essays, or Professional Development, I initiate a conversation, eliciting ideas about what practices have been effective and productive in the past, both generally and in specific situations. The discussion ranges from work styles to time management to any strategies and techniques that have been successful (or not!).

things you might like to know...

On the basis of our conversations, I develop an initial plan for our work together, but, of course, as with any learning, for adults or teenagers, we revisit the plan and make adjustments as necessary.  

Our work continually evolves as  we move toward increasing confidence, understanding, expertise, independence, and success.

  • Educated at Cornell and Yale

  • Coach for hundreds of application and grant essays

  • Decades of classroom teaching experience in both private and public schools

  • Seasoned presenter of professional development for educators and learners around the world

 “Thanks, Ellen.  You have made a huge  difference.” (B.T.)                      

   CONTACT Ellen Greenblatt

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